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A series of 5 original playing card paintings.


King of Diamonds (red)                   £1700

Queen of Hearts (burgundy)        £1700

Jack of Clubs (black)                       £1700

Jack of Hearts (burgundy)            £1700

Jack of Diamonds (red)                  £1700


Each canvas specification:

91 x 122 cm (+ bespoke box frame painted in black satin)

Total framing costs: £750


Artworks will be shipped in a large crate.

Shipping cost to Houston, Texas, US: £950


Approx. completion/shipping date: 20th April 2024


25% deposit due today:                      £2,550 ($3,233)

Remainder due on completion:       £7,650 ($9,699)


Total cost:       £10,200 ($12,932)


Playing Card Series for Carol Hughes (Deposit)

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